Questions and answers

The carrier did not transport the inadmissible person within 48 hours from the date mentioned in the booking request. Will the carrier be fined?

Recovering the costs from the carrier follows from a strict liability for the carrier. Imputable acts or omissions do not constitute a criterion here. Therefore fines are not issued in connection to the duty to return.

The carrier is however responsible for  costs incurred by the inadmissible person during his stay in the Schengen area. If the (air) carrier returns the inadmissible person within two days (48 hours), counting from the desired date of return stated in the booking request, the Dutch government will not recover any costs of stay from the carrier. Other costs may still be charged. If the carrier chooses to transport the inadmissible person at a later date, the Dutch government can recover the costs of removal from the Netherlands from the carrier.

For the maritime sector this period of 48 hours does not apply. Costs of stay (and other costs of removal) can be recovered by the Dutch government as from the desired date of return as stated on the booking request.