Risk analysis

Risk analysis

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee conducts a risk analysis for each inadmissible foreign national for whom a removal order and/or booking request is drawn up.

The risk analysis includes, among other things, a careful consideration of the information known within the organisations cooperating in the immigration process and information provided by the foreign national himself. The Marechaussee analyses whether there are any impediments to a (controlled) independent return journey of the foreign national.

Escort or no escort

If the Marechaussee believes that there are impediments, an individual escort plan will be prepared. Where necessary, the Marechaussee will consult the cooperating organisations, airline company and third parties. The carrier may then rely on the escorts of the Marechaussee in order to escort the foreign national. However, this is not compulsory. If the carrier chooses to escort the foreign national itself or chooses not to escort the foreign national, the Marechaussee will escort the foreign national into the aircraft, where he will be handed over to the captain.

Responsible until the actual departure

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee will continue to be responsible for the return journey of the inadmissible person until the aircraft has actually departed. This means until the moment the doors of the aircraft have been closed and the gate/aircraft steps have been removed from the aircraft.

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