Flight cancellation request

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Flight cancellation request

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee uses a flight cancellation request to notify the carrier that the (legal) situation of the inadmissible person has changed and that the latter cannot (yet) depart at this time.

Examples are legal proceedings (such as an asylum application) but also resistance during a previous attempt to remove the inadmissible person.

Action to be taken by the carrier

The carrier will cancel any booking already made.

As soon as the inadmissible person can be transported, the carrier will be informed of this in a subsequent booking request.


Depending on the reason for the cancellation, any costs incurred may be charged to the carrier.

Example 1: If the inadmissible person offers resistance right before his return, as a result of which this person cannot be returned at that time, the costs incurred up to the actual departure may be passed on.

Example 2: If the inadmissible person applies for a residence permit right before his return, the costs incurred by the Dutch government during the residence procedure will not be charged. See also Costs incurred during immigration-law procedure.

Possible next step in the process